Monday, October 01, 2018

The Instagrammable Torry's Ice Cream Boutique Shop @ Soi Rommanee (off Thalang Road) in Phuket Town [Thailand] #torrysicecream

With a tummy that never seems to shrink as i get older, there's a need to cut down my food intake; which is extremely hard when i am overseas with limited time and too many food choices! 

However, ice cream should be manageable as a dessert after a satisfying meal (best one i had in Phuket) at the nearby Raya restaurant in Phuket Town and from based on the online reviews, i am betting on Torry's Ice Cream.

Even though it was already 3.00 pm when i arrived; the place was still packed with customers and we had to be put on the waiting list! p.s. don't you just love the Chinese style door knocker? p.s. a hard knock would likely crack the glass door though. 

25 minutes later, we got in! 

Spread out over two shop houses, it was like stepping into a timeless capsule where colonial tiles met the classy, hanging chandeliers amidst the yellow-painted walls; seemingly out of place yet totally in sync.

More on the furniture and decorative pieces (including a gramophone which i didn't; the first photo wouldn't look out of place in a typical kopitiam in Singapore!  

I was expecting traditional black and white / sepia portraits of locals but framed within were pictures of desserts; no doubt an unconventional display! 

Complimentary water for customers; i am not good in colours and designs although i can see that without that vase of artificial flowers, the tabletop would have looked a lot more boring. 

Anyway, Torry's is known for its homemade ice cream and that's what i am here for! The thing is; ice cream parlours offering homemade ice creams were the rage in Singapore over a decade ago and the ones that survive (i.e. Udders, Daily Scoop, Island Creamery) have a pretty good reputation and following. 

Malou Tea (Jasmine Oolong) - for my dad who would likely appreciate hot tea after the filling meal at Raya restaurant. Served with two teacups, i was most intrigued with the sand timer which would let you know when you should pour the tea out of the luxuriously golden teapot. 

Banana Split - would love to have their waffles, apple crumble, skillet cookies, croissants etc (menu to be shared later in this post) but i know i would have to eat them myself which would have been too much. Hence, i went with the conventional banana split with eggnog, red bean and banana butterscotch ice cream! 

While the ice creams were not bad; i thought they could have benefited from being creamier. What i enjoyed most was the red bean; sherbet like with a nice, gentle sweetness to it. Banana would have been nice with a caramelised flavour but i found it too burnt! 

A-Pong - one of four "local Phuket sweet treats", the coconut ice cream we got was a bit too rich for our liking even though i absolutely loved the delicious rolled-up phuket style crepes! Wait, is this the same kind of crepes as those supposedly Thai-style pancakes sold on mobile food stalls at Patong!? 


16 Soi Rommani, ตำบล ตลาดใหญ่,
Amphoe Mueang Phuket, 
Chang Wat Phuket 83000, 


As above. 


As above.

Malou Tea (Jasmine Oolong) - 120 baht
Banana Split - 195 baht
A-Pong - 75 baht
(inclusive of tax)

What else did i do in Phuket

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