Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Sala of Faiths @ Phuket Big Buddha [Thailand]

I came across this place known as Sala of Faiths when i was at the Big Buddha in Phuket earlier this year and while i don't get the meaning of sala (which sounds either like salad or a word we used in Singapore for something that's wrong); i am presuming it infers to a combination of faiths. 

It doesn't include all faiths though as i counted statues mainly from Taoism and Buddhism with just one for Hinduism (for Ganesan, the deity with the elephant face). Honestly, the entire row might have been mistaken as, simply put, a display for religious statues.

If not for the urns with incense sticks, i would not likely have given them a second look as the big buddha was just a few footsteps away and in terms of popularity; the latter was the reason why most visitors came to the area! 

Except for the hugely popular Guanyin Bodhisattva, the only other deity / god i recognize is Jigong; a compassionate yet crazy monk who lived in the Southern Song dynasty and known to be always in tattered attire with a penchant for alcohol and meat even though they are prohibited. Interested to know him further? Click here


Within Big Buddha,
Phuket, Thailand

What else i did in Phuket

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