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Wat Chalong (Wat Chaiyathararam) - Largest and Most Important Thai Temple @ Phuket [Thailand] #watchalong

Before the iconic Big Buddha comes about, i have no doubt that Wat Chalong would count itself as the most popular temple in the entire Phuket! Aside from being the largest on the island, it was also known to have existed at its current location since year 1837. 

Let's explore! 

Upon entry to the temple ground, you would notice the above building on the right that's built like the Thai temple style; i didn't step in for a closer look and thought to make it the last leg of my temple visit which didn't materialize as we were running short of time.

Our first stop was the above; technically, the bell tower to the left which i realized allowed everyone to have the access to climb up! Of course, my dad and i didn't waste time attempting the climb! Click here! :) 

Since we were right in front of the building, why not just pop in for a short visit? 

Three statues were being honoured in the hall and after researching, i think they were the statues of former abbots; Luang Poh Cham, Luang Poh Chuang and Luang Poh Gleum. 

The aforementioned abbots were particularly revered for their healing powers and the former two abbots were further credited for their role in quelling the Chinese Coolie Rebellion in 1876. To pay respect, devotees would stick the gold paper on the statues.

Beautiful ceiling! 

Random photos; despite the beauty, i think maintenance is heavy for Thai temples! Such intricacy and colours would likely deteriorate over a period of time, especially those open to the natural elements! 

The Model House of Luang Por Cham - stepped into the air-conditioned arena for the following reasons; soak in the air-con and get freaked out by the wax figurines of the former abbots! 

No disrespect intended. By the way, Luang Phor Cham was said to have a legendary walking stick that has healing capability. The stick is still around even though it's not displayed in public. 

Dad in front of the tallest structure in the temple; the 60-meter tall Phra Mahathat Chedi, which housed a relic of the Buddha

A new temple next door? 

Photo of dad again! 

To be able to behold (even with just my eyes) the relic of the Buddha means i die-die also must check out the Phra Mahathat Chedi! Click here for much more photographs! 

Thai musicians with the Thai musical instruments; i think there's a funeral or something as many people were wearing white and/ or black.

On our way back as the sky was turning dark at 1.30 pm, we were pretty late for lunch! Not to mention that we didn't have much breakfast in the morning too. 

This conical brick house caught my attention and i was wondering on its purpose until i noticed the shredded pieces of red paper on the floor. 

Those were firecrackers right?! No wonder i had heard the unmistakable sound of firecrackers although they were rather muted for some reasons. Guess the brick structure had somewhat contained the noise. 

I can still see a smoking firecracker head in it! According to a blog here, letting off the firecrackers is a sign of "showing gratitude for prayers that have been answered".

Boxes of firecrackers nearby! Boy, i miss firecrackers and fireworks! The last time i played with them was in Taiwan four years ago! 

Oh! Someone else did the climb too! 

More photos of my dad posing! 

There's something i regretted not checking out when i was at Wat Chalong; on my way out, i noticed there were these little niches by the temple walls. At first look. it looked kind of like those crematorium niches but i couldn't confirm. Maybe i would check them out the next time i visit. 


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