Saturday, September 03, 2016

Penang Style Cheng Tng Lookalike - Restoran Traditional Home of Dessert (汕头街四果汤) along Kimberly Street @ Penang Island [Malaysia]

My original intention was to turn in early for the night on day two of our Penang trip but my travel mate had to tell me about this cold, traditional dessert he had earlier! 

At 10.00 pm, a timing i normally would not take any food / desserts, i found myself on Lebuh Kimberly looking at these three almost-side-by-side shop houses that were still filled with hungry customers. 

My reliable source told me to go for Restoran Traditional Home of Dessert (汕头街四果汤); the last three Chinese characters are translated to four fruit / nut (果 can mean either) soup.

In case you couldn't remember the name (as we did), just look out for the words "since 1933" when the stall first started out as a roving hawker before world war 2. 

Si Koh Soup (四果汤)
With only one tummy, i had to choose my desserts carefully and it's a no brainer to go for their signature dessert; the Si Koh Soup (四果汤)! 

Mix of ginkgo, lotus seeds, longan and red beans served in a bowl of ice-filled sweet soup, the first thing that came to mind was cheng tng and those who have been following my blog would know i am a big fan of cheng tng! 

Taste wise, i must say it's almost on the same level of my favourite Ye Lai Xiang at Singapore's Bedok Corner; albeit without luxury ingredients like dried persimmons, winter melon. Nevertheless, the reduced sugar in comparison to Ye Lai Xiang would likely appeal to the older generation.

For that price of about S$1.20 a bowl, i am not complaining although improvements can be implemented for the relatively longer pieces of ice; crushing them into smaller bits would result in better enjoyment of the supposedly healthy soup. 


84, Lebuh Kimberly,
10100 Georgetown, Pulau Pinang,


As above.

As above. 

Si Koh Soup - RM 3.60 (Small)

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