Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Niche Savoureuse Cafe @ Toa Payoh Lorong 1 (beside Creamier) [Singapore] #nichesavour

Without a car, there's honestly little motivation for me to explore new dining establishments but i do get the occasional good luck when people offer to drive me around; like two Sundays ago when my brother in law drove us to a cafe at Toa Payoh!

I didn't know where it would be since i am not exactly well versed with the block numbers of Singapore's public housing. However, once the car stopped, i noticed the familiarity; the cafe was just next to Creamier!

The interior design appeared seemingly out of place in a neighbourhood shop although that's where the charm was; bringing the uncommon into the common life of a HDB dweller. By the way, did you notice two persons who were frequently seen in this blog?

Yes lah, the two infamous brats; Jovyn and Jerald!

Order your food, pay for it and then collect the necessary from the self-service counter; serviettes, cutlery, plain water (no extra charge), sugar, brown sugar etc etc.

Aglio Olio Salmon
Mum's order due to her obsession with fish; i took a small sampling and loved it because the overall taste wasn't too overwhelming, meat was lightly flavoured which brought out the deliciousness of salmon and i feel i wouldn't get too stuffed even if i were to have it alone.

Truffle Fries
This was more Parmesan than truffle (mind you, they claimed to use truffle, not oil) and although cheese lover would not complain, i am less a cheese person and more a truffle (oil) lover. Furthermore, i prefer shoestring fries!

The Five Oh Pizza -10"
The chef was so generous with the 6 months aged cheddar and mozzarella; i couldn't see much of the ham and pineapples! It was so cheesy that i am surprised cheese lovers didn't make a beeline for the cafe! Eat it while it is still hot and melty.

The REAL Deal Lasagne
Waited a long for this as they missed out my order. Not sure if i have shared this before (memory has been bad recently) but my favourite memory of lasagne was at Pizza Hut 20 years when the chain-restaurant offered buffets!

Key difference was that the lasagna at Pizza Hut was beef based whereas the one at niche was "minced pork loin slow cooked in a tomato and mushroom red wine sauce". Sounds atas woah!

Personally, replacing pork with beef might result in a rich, more intensive flavour even though there might be some sacrifices for the texture. Other than my selfish preference, you would be guaranteed the same level of cheesiness ("layered with bechamel, mozzarella & Parmesan") as with the pizza topped by a generous sprinkling of cheese!


Block 128, Toa Payoh Lorong 1,
#01-833, Singapore 310128

As above.

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As above.

Aglio Olio Salmon - S$13.90
Truffle Fries - S$10.00
The Five Oh Pizza -10" - S$19.80
The REAL Deal Lasagne - S$12.90
(No GST, No Service Charge)


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