Saturday, September 24, 2016

Epic Nasi Ayam Penyet (Smashed Fried Chicken) from NurFir Nasi Ayam @ Yishun Block 732 KopiWu Coffee Shop [Singapore]

Alex and I were on our way to boring KFC at Chong Pang when we strolled past this coffee shop called Kopi Wu and i caught an enticing whiff of deep fried chicken! 

Source found in no time and since we were going to have chicken anyway, i figured it made better sense to try something new. Best of all, i had lugged along my DSLR! 

My order of Nasi Ayam Penyet which cost only S$3.50; in other comparable places, this would easily cost at least S$4.50! By the way, you can have options like normal chicken rice and Hainanese chicken rice from the same stall. 

Rice wasn't the typical plain white rice served for ayam penyet; it was pure good chicken rice without the usual oily sheen! Damn, i really cannot resist chicken rice's rice and that can only spell doom for my carbo-restricted diet! 

Do you have a problem with the chilli sauce from nasi ayam penyet? I do as they were either too hot or too sweet. The one here had no issue as it was specially concocted for that optimal balance; sufficiently sweetened yet spicy enough to have peals of sweat oozing from the pores on top of my head! 

If you give me just one word to describe my feeling after taking a bite, it will definitely be "shiok"! The deep fried (and tortured) chicken appeared dry because of that thin layer of crispiness. Once you tear it apart, the inside was an arena of happy juiciness! And the marination; that desirable turmeric flavour that almost forced me to order a second plate!

It's rare to find me cleaning up the ayam penyet and left only the bones but the chilli went so well with the slices of cucumber, tomato and pieces of lettuce and i am confident my tummy can accommodate a few smashed fried chicken! 


Seeing that i was taking photographs, the stall owner asked on the purpose and upon knowing that i blog, he notified me that his lease wasn't renewed and his stall would be out at the end of the month! 

Sadness aside (as it was super near my house), i knew i had to find out where it would move to, by hook or by crook! The despairing news was that the owner had yet to find a stall to move to but the good news was that all updates would be posted on their facebook page (shall share it later)! :) 

Block 732, Yishun Ring Road,
Corner Coffee Shop, Kopi Wu, 
Singapore 760732

Facebook Page

As above

Nasi Ayam Penyet - S$3.50

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