Monday, September 19, 2016

Roller & Venetian Blinds For My 3-Room Flat - Renovation Part 5!

In my last post on the house renovation, there was indication that despite moving in officially, i continued to have some ideas on how to make my house more appealing and after procrastinating for quite a while, i finally decided to do away with the curtains and replace them with blinds.

With strong recommendation from a friend, i contacted Kenny from Sunscreen (Singapore) Private Limited; a bubbly gal who didn't hesitate to meet up with me to have a better idea of what i wanted even though the project value wasn't much.

As usual, my mind went bonkers with the differences of roller blinds and venetian blinds; both of which have their advantages (aesthetic) and disadvantages (maintenance). But a decision has to be made and my selection as follows: roller blinds for the bedroom and Venetian blinds for the living room! 

The torture continued with colour selection and in the case of roller blinds (known as rollscreens), the density of blackout! When given a lot of options, i usually opted for the safest and in this case, black for everything and total blackout for the roller blinds; they were totally aligned with the black-white theme of my house anyway. 

Quotation was submitted and accepted; appointment was made on a Saturday and before i knew it, the experienced workers had completed the installations! Shall unveil the final product shortly. 

Too bright a picture although you should be able to see that it was a lot more neater with the blinds as compared to the mass produced curtains which were too long and fluttered whenever i switched on the fan; offering peeks of my grotesque body for those unfortunate neighbours who happened to walk past. 

Overall, i was pleased with the Venetian blinds although i guess i would be complaining about the dust in time to come. The curtain rods shall remain as i might have other uses for it; presently, it is proving its worth as place for me to hang up clothes i have just ironed. 

Key advantage of Venetian blinds is definitely the aesthetic as it exudes a certain level of classiness. Pity i didn't have sufficient space for a cosy corner where i can drink a cup of tea while reading a novel by the window. 

Now on the bedroom with the rollite rollscreen (otherwise known as roller blind) which was charged at a much higher price because of the plates needed to conceal and provide support to the blind.

Realised i didn't take a photo immediately after the installation and the above was just taken earlier this evening! Frankly, i am really glad to have listened to Kenny's advice for the concealment even though the black curtain rod was an eyesore, at least for the moment. Maybe i can add in air plants or something.

With the blinds down; in the past, the curtain will still allow some residual light to seep into the room but with this blackout blind drawn, i am under the false impression that it is still night even at 10am! Aside from being super happy about the fact that i can sleep in better, there's a somewhat minimalist feel to the bedroom once you remove my adorable piggies! Damn, i think i should do something about that purplish white study table! 


Contractor for Blinds
As above. You may also contact Kenny at 9782-8425.

Website for Sunscreen

Total S$717.99 for two sets of Venetian blinds and one set of roller blind. Do email me (click "contact me") if you require the quotation. 

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