Sunday, September 04, 2016

Nakajima Suisan Grilled Fish @ Takashimaya B2 Food Hall [Singapore]

I am not a fish lover - to put it more correctly, i don't like to order fish when i am dining outside as they are priced a lot higher than other meat, especially when you want it to be as fresh as possible.

Mom, on the other hand, thinks fish is the best protein and with that in mind, Joyce suggested meeting up for a meal at Nakajima Suisan Grilled Fish. Said to be popular among fish lovers, i was still taken aback by the queue in front of us!

Note: don't be a sheep by happily joining the queue; please go to the main counter, order your food and pay for it before you join the queue which was, in simpler terms, for table and seat(s).

Seating area is small for about 30 persons, thereabout and the wait can be excruciating if you are going with a larger group. As there were just my mom, sister and myself, i am already thankful to have been seated within 25 minutes! 

Tea was free flow with a roasted aroma that was so enticing; we almost didn't want to leave! Service was prompt; as soon as your cup was half emptied, the service staff would appear to top it up. 

Tissue paper dispenser on each table; common in Malaysia, i am just happy a dining establishment has implemented it without charging for wet tissue which is usually chargeable on a per piece basis. 

Made freshly daily, this would require a preparation time of about 10-15 minutes; time that's totally worth it as it was packed with flavours for just S$3 a bowl! Darn, i almost really learn how to make chawanmushi at home! 

Shio Saba Set
I would have preferred Gindara Teriyaki but it was unfortunately sold out and i had to go with the outlet chef recommendation instead. Don't eat the grilled saba skin unless your taste buds can accept the saltiness! Other than that, i thought it was too dry for my liking. Sigh... i am missing the grilled mackerel from Jeju Island

By the way, each set came with miso soup, salad, rice, pickles and kobachi (tofu in my case). Salad was the kind drenched in familiar tasting sesame sauce whereas there's nothing exceptional about the miso soup and tofu.

Shima Hokke Set
This wasn't on the main menu but tasted much better than my shio saba. 

The fish meat was moist, cooked just right and the skin was slightly crispy. For something so perfect, it has to be marred by the many tiny pieces of fish bones! They were such irritations! 

Ika Teriyaki Set
It's never good to place all your eggs in one basket and that's precisely the same rationale Joyce followed when she chose squid instead of fish for her order! 

Absolutely good choice as the squid was grilled to perfection with a texture that's not rubbery and not soft. With a mildly sweet teriyaki sauce brushed against the meat, i was on the verge of doing a non-negotiable swap with my sister.


391A Orchard Road,
Takashimaya Shopping Centre,
B2 Food Hall, #B201-1,
Singapore 238873

As above. Special items are indicated at the counter. 

Chawanmushi - S$3.00
Shio Saba Set - S$12.90
Shima Hokke Set - S$16.50
Ika Teriyaki Set - S$11.50
(Subject to GST)

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