Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sensonic Stand Mixer (with 4.2L Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl) from Giant Sembawang Road Show [Singapore]

There are many "toys" available for the baking addicts and aside from a decent oven, the one "dream" gadget for many would be a stand mixer; preferably one with a large mixing bowl and splash guard! 

The professional KitchenAid mixer was out of my reach given its usual price tag of S$699 and even a less reputable brand could easily set me back by about S$300. 

I was seriously thinking of waiting for my year-end performance bonus until i saw the Sensonic Stand Mixer at a Giant Hypermarket roadshow at Sembawang Shopping Centre yesterday! 

Couldn't wait to unravel the toy from its packaging! Although i have not heard of the Sensonic brand, the promotional pricing was too attractive and it met my "wants" listed in the first paragraph. p.s. shall share my receipt at the end of this post.

Key features; 4.2 liters stainless steel mixing bowl with splash guard, 8-speed setting and a 600W motor! For those interested to know if the mixer can fit on your kitchen top, the dimensions based on above picture are roughly 40 cm (length) x 29 cm (depth) x 35cm (height).

To give a review, i must at least try out the machine and i did so earlier this afternoon for what-else-but-banana-cake-again! To be fair, i can't compare with KitchenAid since i never have the chance to use one and no matter what, i am really an amateur baker wannabe.

However, i do have some experience using hand mixer and in comparison to a hand mixer, this was honestly a godsend; no more aching arms if i need the mixture to reach "ribbon" stage which can take about 15 minutes! The time saved in this case was used to sift the cake flour and washed up the bowls that held the ingredients now in the mixer. 

Best of all, the banana cake turned out well and really delicious (i tweaked the recipe a little bit)! I think i need to practice on my slicing though; the bananas were still sliced too thickly and some sank to the bottom of the cake. 


Where I Got The Mixer
From the atrium road show (ending 02 October 2016) on level one of Sembawang Shopping Centre that's organised by Giant Hypermarket! 

Usual was S$329 and i got mine for a jaw-dropping S$99.90

At close to a 70% discount, now you know why i die die must get it. Do keep in mind that this is an atrium sale that will end its run on 02 October 2016! Get yours fast before it runs out of stock! 


  1. Anonymous1:27 AM

    Have you ever tried to whip egg white to stiff peak form and also making bread dough using this Sensonic mixer? Thanks.

    From Inge

    1. Hi Inge,

      I did! and it turned out well. Didn't regret buying this stand mixer at all even though i do hope i can buy an extra bowl!

  2. 请问这款sm-228的搅拌机还有货吗?什么价格呢?

  3. 应该没有了. 我想买可是找不到. :(


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