Monday, September 05, 2016

Ming Xiang Tai Pastry Shop (名香泰餅家) - Trishaw Egg Tart and Kaya Puff @ Penang Island [Malaysia]

The old fashioned logo, that undeniable retro font / print and the dated light-bulbs illuminating each character that made up two signature products in the shop - i knew i had to step in to Ming Xiang Tai Pastry Shop (名香泰餅家) for a better look!

Trays and trays of delectable pastries met my eyes with an irresistible aroma that almost forced me to buy every single one just so i can savour them; absolutely a bad decision for a person who had a full lunch followed by durians, muah chee and rainbow ice ball.

I eventually settled for the crispy kaya puff and trishaw egg tart even though i bought a few to share among my travel mates! That's the basic evilness of a person who is supposedly on diet yet couldn't resist food temptation; share the fats for the win!

Crispy Kaya Puff - the only comparison i can think of were the kaya puffs i had at Ipoh and despite drawing praises from my mates, i thought the crust was a tad too thick for my liking and personally, i have always preferred yellow kaya versus the green one. Whatever the case, do eat them while they are still warm!

Trishaw Egg Tart - the signature product for Ming Xiang Tai, pastry lovers would definitely dig the multiple thin layers of flaky, aromatic pastry which crumbled into a mess for individuals like me who tend to wolf down everything! The filling was moist, sweet, rich in egg; given that i had tried the famous tai cheong egg tart in Singapore a few days earlier, this was just not as fantastic but to be fair, the price of RM 2.20 (about S$0.70) was simply unmatched for the taste! 

There were a lot more pastries i didn't cover and for those who wish to have a more intimate, nostalgic experience, do make use of their seating area! And do vision an empty stomach.

p.s. there's a street art mural right outside the shop! 


26, Lebuh Victoria (bordering Armenian Street),
10200 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia



Kaya Puff - RM 2.00
Trishaw Egg Tart - RM 2.20 

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