Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Charcoal Kiln @ Batam Island [Indonesia]

I was thinking of blogging about this after i have generated the post on my one day free and easy trip to Batam Island but i am facing limited time today; no thanks to the three ladies who persuaded me to have coffee at Starbucks followed by a pretty filling meal at Holland Village XO Fish Head Bee Hoon

Anyway, i actually didn't notice the kiln until i exited from the kelong seafood restaurant and it of course piqued my interested even though we were rushing off to Nagoya Hill shopping centre.

There were at most two surviving kilns in Singapore and i was fortunate to be able to identify one. However, the ones in the lion city appeared to be deeper and were more popular known as dragon kilns. 

It was also surprising to see so many blocks of wood on the floor; note that they seemed to belong to the same species and even the length for each of them was deliberated. Honestly, if they were to be burnt off, why go through all the trouble?!

Only when i turned to face the above stacks that i realised this kiln wasn't used to make pottery. The purpose was to made charcoal! Now, that's fresh as i had never chanced upon a charcoal kiln! 


Kampung Tua Tiang Wangkang,
Batam Island, Indonesia

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