Sunday, June 21, 2015

Breakfast at Kudos Modern European Dining (Kudos Cooked Breakfast & French Toast) - Kota Kinabalu [East Malaysia]

After that unforgettable dinner at Kudos Modern European Dining, conveniently located on the ground floor of Jesselton Hotel, i knew for sure i had to have breakfast there on the last morning of my trip! 

And i did; all fresh and alert from a morning shower and my taste buds could not wait to be surprised once again by what was in store for them in the fine dining restaurant. 

Kudos Cooked Breakfast
Not knowing what was recommended could be a bane and i figured the best would likely command the highest price! So here's the Kudos Cooked Breakfast; frankly thought the presentation would be much more impressive since it cost me RM 35!

Came with four slices of half cut bread that weren't as enjoyable as the ones i had from Bread Yard in Singapore. To put it simply, lightly toasted white bread just didn't quite fascinate! 

The above accessories helped a bit and i should be thankful only two slices were white bread. The other two slices appeared to be the sweeter tasting Brioche.

Tomato was grilled perfectly with a softness so delicate; it was an enjoyment just to have it slip down the throat. Bacon wasn't the savoury type often found in breakfast; rather, it was rather similar to a less sweet bak kwa with a softer texture! 

That piece of homemade meat loaf (mistakenly thought to be luncheon meat) was in essence a mince meat patty with a peppery exquisiteness to it. Alex claimed that the baked beans were good (had to have his input here since i don't take baked beans)! 

Given the higher pricing attached to the Kudos Cooked Breakfast, you would be offered coffee / tea and a glass of orange juice. 

French Toast
I absolutely must order French Toast whenever i see it on the menu! Pity they were as normal as they could be; two slices of egg battered bread with a sprinkle of unexciting cinnamon sugar. Likely authentically French toast though. 


69, Gaya Street,
88800 Kota Kinabalu,

As above

Breakfast Operation
From 7.30 am to 11.00 am

As above

Kudos Cooked Breakfast - RM 35
French Toast - RM 15
[Inclusive of GST]

Additional Information
For my review on the dinner the night before at Kudos, click here.

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