Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Pappa Rich Express in Gateway @ klia2 [Malaysia] - A Second Chance That Didn't Impress Again

With about seventy five outlets just in Malaysia, i often wondered if i should give Pappa Rich a second chance given that i wasn't exactly satisfied with my nasi lemak at its overseas branch in Singapore.

Maybe quality would be better at its home country? This second chance came when i was transiting at the low cost aircraft terminal at klia2 (which means Kuala Lumpur international airport 2) a few days ago!

I asked for Kopi (Southeast Asian style coffee with condensed milk) and was given Kopi-O (coffee with sugar only); not exactly a good start before 7 am, especially for someone who had been clocking less than six hours of sleep for the past few nights.

Alex had no complaint about the toasted bread with butter and kaya, which was a good thing since he can be so picky over food he claimed to have eaten all his life. I didn't take a bite of the toast as i was leaving my stomach for my order of Nasi Lemak with fried chicken! 

Once again, i was left disappointed; the rice wasn't rich with the aroma of coconut milk and the chilli lacked the oomph that might excite my taste buds a little bit. Saving grace was the fried chicken and even for that, it wasn't flavourful although i did enjoy the thin, crispy skin! 


Level 3 of klia2


As above. 

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