Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Kudos; Number 2 Restaurant in Kota Kinabalu [According to TripAdvisor]

With a name defined as "praise and honour received for an achievement", i have to say Kudos has pretty big shoes to fill; especially when it involved picky diners like Alex.

However, i should be reassured by its ranking on TripAdvisor; out of 335 restaurants in Kota Kinabalu, the modern European dining establishment is currently placed at number two with a high rating of 4.5! 

Honestly, with its high class, almost romantic ambience, impeccable service and diners who were dressed to the nines, i expected to pay a premium for the food. As i mentioned to some friends before, if i am paying a lot for food; they better be good. 

Hot Chocolate
Overly milky and didn't quite appeal to us. That's us; i believe some of you would prefer their hot chocolate loaded with cream and trailing with a subtle chocolate flavouring. 

Mushroom Soup
Good yet not up to my personal standard; a tad too watery and bland. The mushroom bits added to the enjoyment though as i slurped them loudly down my throat. Excusez-moi for the bad manners.  

Englishman's Fish and Chips
Alex had this and this bugger could not remember how it was! I didn't keep a record of how it tasted but it sure wasn't as memorable as the one from Buckaroo

Lamb Cutlets
At RM 88, i thought i must be so damn stupid to pay so much for two miserable pieces of lamb ribs and maybe two mouthfuls of linguine. 

The high price it commanded was worth it - the tenderness can be felt when the knife met the meat, just like tender first love's kiss! The lamb sure didn't disappoint with an oily deliciousness enhanced by the fried garlic bits. To intensify the taste, use the orange sauce by the side of the plate that tasted suspiciously like marmite! For once, i don't even need chilli sauce! 

Roasted peppers were to-die-for with a fresh, natural sweetness that made craved for more! Oh, about the parsley linguine; i was impressed by how good it was (smooth, al dente texture) and i am not even a pasta lover! 

Signature Chocolate Fondant
Baked to a thin crisp, the chocolate lava didn't gush out the way i expected it to be although the bitterness, signature of real chocolate, was gladly tasted. Those with a sweet tooth, like me, the vanilla bean ice cream was a godsend. 


69, Gaya Street, KK

[Within Jesselton Hotel]

As above.


As above.

Hot Chocolate - RM 15
Mushroom Soup - RM 22
Englishman's Fish and Chips - RM 36
Lamb Cutlets - RM 88
Signature Chocolate Fondant - RM22
[Subject to GST]

Additional Information
Plain water was chargeable at RM 2. 

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