Sunday, June 21, 2015

Jovyn is FOUR!

We have endured the terrible twos, braved through the monsters threes and finally, the youngest kid in our close knitted family, Jovyn, is on her way to the fearsome fours! 

And it's fitting to have a cake for us to celebrate our achievements her birthday! As you can see, my family totally loves the yummy cakes from Pâtisserie Glacé!

With improving dexterity, the little brat insisted on sticking the celebratory message and the candles herself. Her assertiveness can be quite a frustration sometimes. 

At the very least, we were already glad she was willing to share with her poor brother, who was often her main punch bag whenever things didn't go her way. 

Counting the candles to ensure she has her mathematics and her age correct! 

Singing the birthday song; yes, in four different versions (English, Malay, Mandarin and Christian) as always. I am glad my sister gave birth to Jovyn to add to her brood; it's really fun and heartwarming to see both kids playing together and protecting each other. 

Until it came to the candle blowing part when Jerald blew the candles too; incurring the wrath of Jovyn who immediately used her fist to hit the brother! Tsk tsk!

Managed to avert the aggression eventually but as you can see, she hinted her murderous streak in the above picture when she cut the cake. Haha, kidding lah, the above was just one of many shots i took of that moment. Jovyn had a good laugh over it though. 

Anyway, happy 4th birthday, Jovyn! 

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