Sunday, May 31, 2015

Snorkeling at Manukan Island (Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park) @ Kota Kinabalu [Borneo]

Yes, yet again another snorkeling; do bear with me as it would be the last one i had for Kota Kinabalu! This follows, by the way, the snorkeling i had at Sapi Island.

The vast underwater scene was relatively sparse which wasn't a bad thing as it meant better clarity whenever activities were detected. 

Like the congregation of fishes that came together to make themselves bigger, likely as a mode of defense towards their predators. 

Guess it didn't work as can be seen from the photo above although their strategy could be to deter their predators from far as they would have appeared much bigger from a distance.

Sea grass - this reminded me of a Mantanani Island in Kota Kinabalu that was renowned for its numerous sightings of dugongs! Sea grass, as some of you might be aware, is a common staple for the marine mammal.

What Manukan Island lacks in terms of underwater scenery was made up by the huge amount of fishes in the water.

Looked kind of delicious as it seemed familiar to the type that mum has cooked for me before; think it is called red monkey in Hokkien (ang gao) and said to be quite expensive! 

Pomfret! Steamed pomfret in Teochew style was the most delicious; oh boy, i must be very hungry right now as i have not had lunch yet!

Thousands and maybe millions of ikan bilis in the water too!

Boring seabed - i am so accustomed to seeing beautiful corals set with vibrantly coloured fishes that this didn't meet my expectation. Thankfully, i was already pre-informed that Sapi Island was a superior spot for snorkeling in the marine park. 

Giant clam!

Leading into the sea, this could be the remnants of an old jetty. The wooden beams had been intentionally sawn off, possibly to prevent injuries from poor swimmers who would have cut themselves if they unwittingly swim towards them.

Corals were slowly taking ownership of the cut beams! 

Something was hiding in the rock! The thing wasn't as common in the marine park although back in Krabi, they were seriously in abundance! 

Ya lah, sea urchins!

Anyway, more of the unexciting underwater pictures i took at Manukan Island. Hopefully, the next trip to Perhentian Islands would result in way more spectacular photographs! 

Taking a breather before i continued my boring exploration. The place right ahead was Kota Kinabalu by the way. As you can see, water was crystal clear! 


Manukan Island, Kota Kinabalu, 
Sabah State, East Malaysia 

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