Sunday, June 21, 2015

Atkinson Clock Tower @ Kota Kinabalu [Sabah]

Some of you might recall the photograph above that was taken in day four of my Kota Kinabalu (KK) trip. Well, i am going to touch on the 15-meter tall clock tower today! 

To get nearer to the tower, you have to take the steps by the side. By the way, this Atkinson Clock Tower was so freaking near to Jesselton Hotel, where we stayed at.

A beacon of historical heritage even though it was built at a relatively young 1905, this is in fact the oldest standing structure in KK! According to records, the whole KK was destroyed during world war two with only two structures that remain till this date. 

Constructed as memorial for Mr Francis George Atkinson (first district officer of KK, then known as Jesselton) who unfortunately died at the age of 28 years old, it might have been of reference back in the days when buildings were not as tall and land reclamation has yet to push the coastline further out. 

Illuminated at night, it used to be a navigation landmark for ships but this was discontinued in the 1950s. The clock remained functional, albeit after undergoing quite a number of repairs.

A weather clock (or weather vane) stood on top of the tower; notice that instead of north, south, east, west, the letters were instead U, S, T and B. North, South, East and West are translated to Utara, Selatan, Timur and Barat in Malay, respectively! 

In modern KK and in the digital age, the clock tower has lost its relevance in the practical sense and i didn't even bump into anyone there; it could be just a touch and go for most tour packages.

I can bet with you - people likely would visit the area because of the carpark right behind the clock, especially on Sundays when the Gaya Street weekend market takes place right across the road. 


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