Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Fatty Kee (under Ang's Hotel) Oyster Chicken Wings @ Kota Kinabalu [Sabah]

I personally found it quite hilarious when i chanced upon the name of a restaurant while researching for food in Kota Kinabalu; Fatty Kee (under Ang's Hotel); it was literally very factual on its whereabouts although i thought it might face a problem if the owner of Ang's Hotel decides to sell off the property! 

Imagine: Oh, the delicious wings can be found at Fatty Kee (under Ang's Hotel) but hold on, Ang's Hotel is no longer in existence and i think it's now called Cavin's Amazing Humble Lodge or something. Haha. 

Jokes aside, this place was renowned for its never-ending crowd at night and my suggestion is to visit way before dinnertime! I reached at around 5 pm and was the second or third customer. Without delaying any further, let's dive into the review of the dishes we had that day.

Bird's Nest
Weather was insanely hot and i thought a bottle of bird's nest drink would help to soothe my parched throat. Turned out it tasted nothing like the real thing (obviously), had a rather sticky consistency and i guess i should have opted for ice lemon instead! 

Sweet & Sour Pork
Very traditional gu lu rou and the sensation i got was similar to the first time i took a bite and began my love affair with it. My only issue was that i would have preferred a crispier touch.

Deep Fried Cuttlefish
Differing from many in the market, this had a delightful curry flavour with a texture well-liked by those who enjoy the crunch! 

To better the experience, the chef should consider adding a cold mayo or tartar sauce as a dip. 

Furong Egg 

Oyster Sauce Chicken Wings
The one dish on every table; these chicken wings propelled Fatty Kee to its current fame and many reviews rated the wings as the best you could find! 

Smeared in thick gravy of oyster sauce and garlic bits, this was indeed a unique marination and the taste was immensely flavorful with a lingering garlic fragrance that worked up my appetite! 

Alex found them to be overly sweet though and stopped at just one piece. Thank god he did that as it would just mean an opportunity for me to clean up the wings, all by myself!


8 Lorong Bakau, Jalan Pantai,
Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

As above

Operating Hours
5 pm till 12 midnight
[Closed twice a month]

As above 

Bird's Nest Drink - Cannot Remember
Sweet & Sour Pork - RM 10.00
Deep Fried Cuttlefish - RM 12.00
Furong Egg - Cannot Remember
Oyster Sauce Chicken Wings - RM 12.00

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  1. The Oyster Sauce Chicken Wings looks very tempting! I think you've enjoyed it very much!

  2. Anonymous11:27 PM

    Hokkian mee is very nice here!

    1. darn! i didn't manage to try :(