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Manukan Island - The Place for Picnic @ Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park [Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia]

Our next island destination is Manukan Island, which was just nine minutes away from Sapi Island! I would have loved to conquer all five islands within the marine park but heard the rest could be given a miss. 

My original objective was just to spend the whole day on Sapi Island but it was getting a bit too boring for both of us and we decided to join the rest of our travel mates who purchased the two-island tour. Most importantly, we didn't have to pay extra!

A lonesome bird on the jetty - not sure if it is recognised as a resident symbol as in the case of Rihiveli Beach Resort in Maldives

View of Kota Kinabalu - for those who have yet to hear the news, the city was rocked by a 6.0 magnitude earthquake yesterday and i sure hope the friends i have made in KK are safe and sound.

Clear water - personally, i feel that it is a must-have for every beach but here in Singapore; impossible give the heavy sea traffic and its related pollution.

Entrance tickets which i believe i have posted before. The good thing about joining a tour package is that you don't have to bother about this kind of things! Everything would likely be settled beforehand and if extra cost is involved, you would be notified well in advance.

Speaking of Pulau Manukan, you may consider a night stay at Manukan Island Resort. For chalet accommodation, i do find their prices on the exorbitant side. 

On our way to find an empty beach table!

Unlike Sapi Island, there wasn't any purpose built tentage and we had to make do with placing our items under the sun with some shading. Well, it's good we were near a small eatery, the convenience store and a sea sports shop. 

A pool for resort guests.

Another area for food; as far as amenities are concerned, i can find a lot more in Manukan vis-a-vis Sapi Island even though in terms of natural scenery, i would very much prefer Sapi

War relics - KK was actually badly damaged during the second world war and given their natural location as the gateway to the city, the islands were bombed too. 

Scenery on the other side of the island which wasn't populated with beach-goers.

Sign warning people of stingers! I have not been stung by a jellyfish yet and i sure hope i never would be as i heard the pain is terribly lasting! *fingers crossed* 

The main beach with Pulau Mamutik right in front.

Shaped like a banana, Manukan was said to be extremely popular with the locals and i can see why; long stretch of white sandy beach with tables shaded by trees. 

See how crowded it was! For some badly needed quiet moments, go further down towards the side facing Kota Kinabalu.  

Snorkeling time with my easybreath mask! A reputable website mentioned that Manukan Island offered the best snorkeling experience in the marine park; maybe i was unlucky as i didn't feel the same way! 

Ice cream - the best remedy (psychologically) for the body on a hot day!

Our time spent at Manukan Island was pretty short at only about ninety minutes. Maybe because of the heat, i was feeling a bit under the weather and this brought back bad memories of the time i got sick in Maldives!  

A few more photographs before we call it a day.


Manukan Island, Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park 
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah (Borneo Island), East Malaysia

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