Wednesday, January 05, 2011

0172 BBQ Seafood @ Changi Village, Singapore

Time: 11.20pm
Day: New Year's Eve

Cravings strike at weird timing and that's exactly what happened when Ms SaNeVa said she was yearning for the chicken chop hor fun from the hawker centre at Changi Village!

Notorious for its famous nasi lemak that continues to attract a queue at almost midnight, Changi Village food centre has quite a few notable stalls that sell good food besides the "coconut rice" (which i personally feel is too overrated).

One notable stall with a row of accolades as long as its headboard had attracted my attention in the past. But the loyal soul in me has persistently ignored its existence due to chicken chop hor fun!

Hey, there's only so much my stomach can hold; regardless of any rumour you might have heard.

Since the hor fun stall was closed, we decided there and then to have a few dishes from this supposedly popular stall. No rice since we are on diet; that's how committed we are to maintain a healthy body!


Barbequed Stingray
Chilli lovers will totally dig this dish!

It was so bloody spicy; i had to grab Alex's sugar cane drink in order to quench the fire that was burning my lips!! Spiciness aside, the meat could be softer. I have had better ones in Chomp Chomp.

Barbequed Sotong
Same color, identical smell; it's the same sambal chilli!!

Beads of sweat were already dripping down my forehead but as i slowly chewed the first piece of squid, every bite was surprisingly satisfying and in this case, the belachan played an important role in making this dish exceptionally good.

Seafood Egg
At S$8.00 a plate, the price was a killer for something that mundane and without much seafood.

However, it was goodness to the max! Though each bite guaranteed oily lips, egg lovers will love this for its simplicity yet fantastically strong eggy taste.


I will be back just for the seafood egg. And a plate of chicken hor fun. Plus 10 sticks of satay, two banana fritters, one bowl of ice jelly and a cup of sugar cane.

0172烧烤海鲜, Block 2,
Changi Village Rd, #01-72,
Changi Village Hawker Centre

Off on Wednesday and operating from 5pm till late.

BBQ Stingray - S$8.00
BBQ Sotong - S$8.00
Seafood Egg - S$8.00

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