Monday, September 26, 2016

Dad's Birthday 2016

Never say die - a much needed motto for a person who loves baking and who seeks to improve the taste and texture of the banana cake! 

Birthdays of immediate family members mean a ready group of guinea pigs; an opportunity not to be missed and after playing with my new Sensonic Stand Mixer; ta-dah, a banana cake topped with slices of banana and crushed walnuts! 

Occasion; my dad's birthday! 

Here's a better picture of my dad with the two cheeky brats. Have i mentioned before that my dad is dark skinned and was often mistaken as a Thai national. How i wish i have inherited some of that genes since i am pretty fair and often have to resort to suntanning to improve my shade. 

The song began; i counted the number of versions and this time and thank god they kept to just English and Chinese. I think they would have loved to remove the Chinese version too but my dad is more a Mandarin speaker. 

Jovyn was pointing to herself because she asked if she can blow the candles; which, in her opinion, is the main objective of birthday cake! Of course we have to reject her unreasonable request although the grandfather was more than willing to allow her. 

They decided to blow the lighted candle together but as you can see from the above photograph, my father stayed at the back so that his grand kids can better enjoy the birthday "ritual".

Cutting the cake! I was more excited to taste the banana cake as i tweaked the recipe a bit (combined of two recipes i am currently using) and seriously hope it would turn out to be tasty! 

A kiss for the birthday boy! 

Verdict of the cake - could have been fluffier yet it was moist and honestly yummy! Points to note: buy bananas from the wet market next time and be mindful to slice the bananas even thinner next time so that they don't sink to the bottom!

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