Thursday, May 19, 2011

Life-Sized Statue along Joo Chiat Place

While driving along Joo Chiat Place, Ms SaNeVa suddenly exclaimed that there's something in one of the houses lining the road. The image of a ghost immediately came to my mind although the bright sunlight continued to shine on us!

Knowing my penchant for the paranormal, I had to walk back in order to get a fuller picture of what Ms Tan actually meant!

At first look, the house seems a bit displaced from the luxury bungalows and heritage houses common in that area.

Look closer and you can find a life sized statue (actually half of it) in the compound!

I am no expert but this statue was wearing a Malay attire and the man that inspires this stone effigy must be of a higher social standing (maybe a datuk or a member of the royalty?) due to the kris and numerous badges on him!

Do you know of any additional information on it? Well, there's one thing i know for sure; this statue must have given many motorists and pedestrians a good scare, late at night!

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