Monday, May 02, 2011

Desserts @ Lenas (Nex Mall) by MOF

A follow-up to my last post at Lenas; the sweet indulgences in Ministry of Food (MOF) are well known and it's downright crazy not to have any while dining in their affiliate restaurant.

Question is, are they as good?

Chocolate and Almond Pizza
According to the sisters, the dessert pizzas came strongly recommended from friends. Visually, it did not disappoint with heavy dosage of chocolate and a generous serving of almond flakes!

Using my lens cap as a gauge, you can roughly estimate the size of this sinful dessert.

Thin crust is all the rage nowadays for any pizza but having one that was crispy thin and slightly burnt is not exactly welcome for anyone who loves food or pizzas in general.

Due to the physical condition of the pizza, It took a lot of effort (for the pig sister) to 'cut it' for distribution to the rest of the family members. Though she made a mess by leaving bits and pieces of crusts and flakes on the table, no one complained for obvious reason (hint: the knife was in her hands).

Triple Delight Pizza
Not much difference from the pizza above except for the addition of bananas and the change of ice cream flavour. Opps, forgot to mention whether it's good or not!

They were not outstanding though they served the basic purpose as a dessert. A piece of advice for the management - cut up the dough and separate it into 4-6 pieces before baking. It makes eating a lot easier.

Banana Fritter and Vanilla Ice Cream
Given my love for fried bananas and frozen dairies, this should be THE orgasmic combination.

Unlike Chinese style banana fritters, the bananas here were wrapped with popiah skin and deep fried. For dim sum lovers, it's similar to those deep fried dim sum items filled with mangoes, bananas and/or red bean paste.

Of course, the interchangeable shiokness of hot and cold was undeniable. The best of the three!

Cranberry and Mixed Berries Juice
Sour drink with a scoop of strawberry ice cream; i persuaded mom to have this since cranberries are good for women due to higher incidences of Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)!


23, Serangoon Central,
#02-01, Serangoon Nex

Chocolate and Almond Pizza - S$7.30
Triple Delight Pizza - S$8.00
Banana Fritter and Vanilla Ice Cream - S$5.00
Cranberry and Mixed Berries Juice - S$5.00

Subject to GST and Service Charge

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