Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Boon Kee Wanton Noodles (文记云吞面) @ Clementi Central Hawker Centre

When i tried the wanton noodles from Boon Kee the very first time with the Great Kon, i didn't understand what was the big fuss for the stall to generate a waiting time of 20 to 30 minutes!

Slow workers? Limited manpower? Or maybe a horde that happened to be craving for wanton noodles?

It wasn't till i was hungrily sourcing for breakfast one day (before work that is) that i decided to give Boon Kee another chance to redeem itself.

This time, i can fully understand why it is so popular! There's a difference when you have only one dish as versus to four or five carbo-laden dishes spread out on your table. For one, it's easier and more time efficient to appreciate its very essence.

The char siew (叉燒) is one of the better tasting ones for wanton noodles although it can never be compared on the same standing as Kay Lee.

I used to have a weird habit when it comes to wanton noodles - the wanton (dumplings) will be left untouched in the soup. However, this habit was broken when i tried the ones from Boon Kee; they weren't exactly meaty but still palatable enough for me to finish them every time.

A mee kia (thin noodles) and mee poh (面薄 aka flat noodles) person, i allocate a big proportion of my taste test to noodles when it comes to wanton or fishball noodles. Obviously, Boon Kee's mee kia did not disappoint!

Mixed with chilli paste, it was a great concoction that tingled my taste buds with every ungraceful slurp! Given its dark outlook, this will likely be placed under the commonly known "KL style wanton mee".


Block 448, Clementi Food Centre,
Clementi Ave 3, Stall No # 01 -36

S$2.50 a plate

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