Sunday, September 12, 2010

Kia Hiang Restaurant (嘉香餐馆) - Celebration of Mom's Birthday

Whenever i drove past the stretch of road known as Jalan Bukit Merah, i will always note this building that seems out of sync with the housing estate surrounding it. 

Housing a restaurant known as Kia Hiang on the first level, this building has been there for as long as i remember and friends have told that this restaurant serves pretty good food.  

Not wanting to patronise the usual boring haunts, the sisters and brother (me) decided on Kia Hiang for the mommy's birthday!

After soliciting feedback from friends and checking out websites (like for the past few days, we decided to try the following few dishes!

Braised Yi Noodles
This was actually quite good but wasn't satisfactory as you could hardly see any other ingredients besides the noodles and it costs S$18.00!

Scallops and Seafood Soup
This thick soup had a heavy weightage on ingredients that should make it damn delicious! Alas, my tongue thought it was too bland.

Claypot Spring Chicken
This came strongly recommended in our research!

I enjoyed this dish for the flavourful sauce that had undergone intense simmering together with the tender chicken meat that was wrapped with cabbage! 

The rest of the family found it to be too salty while the only bane i had was that the chicken meat had not absorbed the full essence of the delicious sauce! 

Wolfberries with Kai Lan
For something so mundane and ordered purely to provide some greenies for us, this Kai Lan (known also as Chinese broccoli or Chinese kale) proved to be one of the best i ever had!

Ya ya ya, how good can a plate of Kai Lan be?!
*sense the sarcasm*

Wolfberries greatly enhanced the sweetness of the stock used to stir fry the vegetables and the fresh crunchiness of each bite proved that the Kai Land was cooked to perfection.

Groupa Fillet in Two Ways
The family especially liked the fried way which was more unique with a tasty crispy batter and a well-complemented lemon sauce.  

Guifei Beancurd w Black Mushrooms
Tofu or beancurd is something the family will always order in any Chinese restaurants.

These pieces of beancurd, drenched in a big scoopful of marvelous stock, had gooey soft insides that made it highly pleasurable for our taste buds.

Suckling Pig BBQ Platter
Opting for a platter with more varieties (roast duck, roast chicken) instead of just the suckling pig, this was less memorable than the mixed platter i had in Overseas Restaurant.

The suckling pig was crispy but lacked an intensive smoky flavour that distinctly segregates it from the typical roast pork.

Chilli Crabmeat with Buns
When i first took a bite of the mantou (bun) dipped in the plate of incredibly sinful chilli crabmeat, i gave a funny look.

"Tasted fishy"

The subsequent few bites were in fact pretty good once you got used to the fishiness in the dish. However, it cannot beat my mom's version which we love to eat with just plain rice.


Blk 201, Kim Tian Road,
#01-400, Singapore 160201 

Braised Yi Noodles - S$18
Scallops and Seafood Soup - S$18
Claypot Spring Chicken - S$17
Wolfberries with Kai Lan - S$12
Groupa Fillet in Two Ways - S$14
Guifei Beancurd w Black Mushrooms - S$18
Suckling Pig BBQ Platter - S$36
Chilli Crabmeat with Buns - S$14

Subject to GST and Service Charge

Additional Information
Though we went on a public holiday during a supposedly busy lunchtime period, it was not as crowded as expected!

For motorists, please park your motor vehicles in the HDB multi-storey carpark right behind the building.

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