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Buy Your Batam Snacks from Pasar Penuin Wet Market #batamsnacks #penuinmarketbatam

In the past, Singaporean visitors to Batam would make a beeline for Yong Heng Food Trading for their local snacks and foodstuffs like keropok. However, things appeared to be different as the name penuin kept popping up when i did my research recently!

We went to check out the place and i was literally blown away by the many snack stores (about 10) on the outer ring of Pasar Penuin Wet Market. Prices were generally cheaper than Yong Heng Food Trading and you can somewhat bargain.

The problem lies with not knowing which shop to buy from.

Nonetheless, always keep a lookout for the canisters of samples! Please be assured that hardworking stall owners would occasionally shove you their samples without you asking but in the event that you couldn't find the sample for the snacks you want; just open your mouth and ask! 

I am always scouting around for 'popular' items and one of them would be the dried keropok (prawn / fish crackers). Why did i mention 'dried'? Because you cannot eat them straight from the bag! According to my mom, you have to sun them first before deep frying them. Their eventual state would be a few times larger.

It came to my attention that many stores had bags of soursop leaves tea and got one pack to try out as I have heard of their health benefits (the fruit itself was said to be anti-cancer; p.s. do read more about it and make your own judgment). 

Mom likes the pickled fruits though; well, i am no huge fan even though i admit the attap chees did seem enticingly huge. Anyway, so what was the store that my family eventually chose to get their local Batam snacks?

The above! I don't know what the name is; don't think it's called good snack supplier. It could be enak gurih renyah though. Just save the above photo and the address is appended below.


No 4, Pasar Penuin Centre, Batu Selicin, Lubuk Baja, 
Batu Selicin, Kec. Lubuk Baja, Kota Batam, 
Kepulauan Riau 29444, Indonesia


As above.

Additional Information
There's a wet market taking the covered centre aisle in the building and it's worth paying it a visit as condition was quite sanitary even though comparatively still different from Singapore.

Just a few photos - it was already noon when i walked in; hence, many items were sold out  / removed. Notwithstanding the smell, I was most put off by the sight of de-feathered chickens, with flies settling themselves on their feet! 

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