Monday, September 13, 2010

Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom @ Sentosa, Singapore

Never in my life have i stepped into the butterfly park & insect kingdom in Sentosa. Growing up in a kampong, my dad felt we could have had all the insect encounters we want for free.

The above mentioned park was also under flak just last year for an exorbitant increase of admission price from S$10 to S$16! You may read more about it HERE.

Part of the wildlife package (with Underwater World and the Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom) purchased at S$29.90 per pax, i have to agree that it would never cross my mind to visit this long standing attraction if i have to pay S$16!

Here are the visual sights!

Butterflies fluttered around the park but the numbers were small when i compared with Cameron Highlands!

Educational placards: this kind of displays used to be damn interesting before internet gains popularity worldwide.

Real cocoons with butterflies breaking out of the place they lived as a pupa!! Some of the cocoons were really eye-catching with the sunlight bouncing off their shimmering gold/green casing!

Kampong chicken amidst the lush greenery!

Free range Lories in the park (separated from the butterfly zone for obvious reason)!

Similar to the much bigger lory loft in Jurong Bird Park, you can buy the nectar to entice the lories for an intimate session! Please remember they can still shit on you; evidenced by the patch on Alex's T-shirt.

You can get really close to them!

Numerous gigantic fruit structures are placed in the park. The one above is my favourite custard apple!

Insect Kingdom!

The common rhino beetles!

Master of disguises; the stick insects! There were portable containers housing insects you can take out!

The many boxes of butterfly specimens on display! Don't you just love the two butterflies in the middle? They are just too beautiful!

Notice the butterflies with clear, almost transparent wings?

The bugs specimen.

Lastly, you can buy some of the specimens you fancy, which is commonly practised by any such parks in the world.

==The End===


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