Friday, April 02, 2010

Restoran Oversea (海外天大饭店) @ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

A colleague once told me
"If you are ever at Kuala Lumpur, always remember to eat at restoran oversea!"

The existence of this restaurant was not remote to me as I always travel to KL (Kuala Lumpur) and had read of its popularity from

As luck had it, i never really had a chance to try it with so many street food stalls available and the lack of travel companions; for Chinese cuisine, it's more worth it (can order more dishes mah) if you have many people sharing!

Until a week ago.

No matter what i am going to say here, please remember that we were super duper full after a food filled day! And as the saying goes, when a person is hungry, every edible thing is delicious.

Which was definitely not the case that day.

Ms SaNeVa is Cantonese and she die die must have soup in every Chinese meal. Our initial agreement was to have a cheap bowl of soup for her.

Unfortunately, that soup was sold out and we exchanged for another strongly recommended soup by the restaurant's supervisor.

This was sent. A POT of soup fit for 10 persons!!!

Shaking our heads....... we were surprised to find half a chicken, big mushrooms, dried scallops, cabbage and even ham! The taste was so full of flavour with the ingredients complementing each other very well!

We managed to finish it although our stomachs were bursting!!

Vegetables with Macadamia Nuts
Quite a disappointment after what i had in Dian Xiao Er (Singapore). The french beans were overcooked, it's pretty obvious that the nuts were not fresh and overall, the dish was too oily.

My memory told me it was supposed to be some butter prawns dish. Those strands could be butter. Other than that, there's nothing butter about this dish.

And seriously, cooked in the same way, prawns can NEVER EVER taste as good as prawns that are shelled. The only exception will be prawns cooked with oats.

BBQ Mix Platter
The reviewers in indicated the char siew and suckling pig as the 'must tries'!

Knowing very well that it can be very scary to order a whole suckling pig plus a big plate of char siew for small group of tourists like us, on the menu was this item called the BBQ platter; a mix of roast duck, jellyfish, roast pork, suckling pig and char siew.

The first two were normal.

The roast pork was one of the best i ever had. Especially so when i heard the unmistakable cackling sound when my teeth sinked into the meat.

Having a bad experience with suckling pig the last round, i am happy that this suckling pig had just the right amount of fats with a well-done crispy skin that tasted all the more better with the bbq sauce available.

A good plate of char siew must be slightly charred. This char siew was too burnt but the caramelized delicious gravy was still very noticeable with a very tender and juicy soft interior!


I bet you my mom would love the food in this place.
And i will definitely be back!

Soup - RM50.00
Vegetables with Macadamia Nuts - RM16.00
Prawns - RM30.00
BBQ Mix Platter - RM35.00

84-88, Jalan Imbi.
Very near to Times Square

Operation Hours
11:30am - 2:30pm
5:30pm - 10:30pm

Additional Information.

Spread over two levels, it might be disappointing if you do not make any reservations. Look at the board of reservations (shown below) for that night we were dining!

We were so so lucky to dine at Restoran Oversea without any reservation made!

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