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The Unique Yet Delicious Donuts from 百年檜木甜甜圈 at Fengqihu Railway Town in Taiwan

Despite being on a tour package with most meals provided, I continued to research on food eateries where I could maybe stuff in a few "small eats" here and there.

One of the eateries that I couldn't wait to try when I was Fengqihu Railway Town was a donut place said to be so popular; it had sprouted numerous competitors in the small settlement! 

In addition, this original donut stall was located on the outskirts of the old street, down a steep slope that made you, as a tourist, wonder if you are on the right track. My advice: persevere, and rely heavily on Google Map.

There's the stall on the right; unassuming, at the edge, and surprisingly, no queue for something that's supposedly famous! To be fair, it was pouring earlier and at the point of my visit, there was still a light drizzle. 

Stall proper - facing it, the pinkish theme actually stands out but from the side, it felt a lot less cheerful. Whatever the case, I was happy to see no line and decided to order one just to try. Unlike donut eateries in many places, there's only one type of donut here! Great, less of a headache for the undecided. 

Catching the action; despite the color of the donuts, they were not deep-fried, and appeared to be cooked via a moulded griddle similar to a waffle machine.

My single donut - 25 Taiwan Dollars (about S$1).

Oh my gosh; i was sold after my first bite! The texture was layered and crispy at first, almost like a croissant, and when the teeth sank deeper, the texture gave way to a buttery-soft chewiness that brought a smile to my face. 

Another nice feature was the caramelized sweetness from the thin outer layer that was so addictive; it was already gone in no time. One wasn't enough; not when I had to share a bite with my dad.

I couldn't resist; a box it shall be.

All 11 of them since buy 10 get 1 free. Of course I offered to share the fats the delicious donuts with my tour mates! One of them actually got donuts from another stall and she commented that the ones from the original stall were much better!

So don't waste your calories and time at a more conveniently located stall. Just go towards the original one, which also allows you to burn some calories when you make your way back to the Fengqihu old street again. 

Storage instructions: one day if under room temperature, and two days if refrigerated. Recommended to toast it before eating. They were still crispy when cold but the texture wasn't as favorable the next morning. 


Fengqihu Railway Town, 
Zhuqi Township, Chiayi County, 

As above. 

Provided by stall.

25 Taiwan Dollars - One Piece
Buy 10, Get One Free! 

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