Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Railway Bento from Fenchihu Hotel @ Chiayi in Taiwan

I have been wanting to try railway bento for the longest time ever and while I didn't have it on the train; I was already happy I didn't have to fork out a single cent since it was covered as part our Taiwan tour package

Location: from the resident restaurant of this Fenchihu Hotel
 that's along the train route of the Alishan Forest Railway. If I recall correctly, this wasn't the first restaurant offering railway bentos for the area but I am not complaining since it's technically free.

We proceeded to the basement level where there were tables and chairs for us to comfortably sit and indulge in this local delicacy. Furthermore, with the drizzle outside, indoor would always be preferred. 

My railway bento box; it's like a little metal gift box and the excitement lies in its opening! p.s. you have to return the metal box after the meal. Not that it matters to me since I have no intention to bring it home. 

Unravelling the railway bento.

Our mix pork and chicken bento, which seemed like an incredibly filling meal! Between the two meats, I prefer the pork with its nicer, more flavorful marination enhanced by the oily, fatty bits along the bone! Chicken was juicy yet pretty normal; guess it might be better if it were deep fried. 

Other ingredients included the the fresh cabbages, the stinky bamboo shoots, and the unsurprising braised egg. What really appealed to me were the strips of red stuff; I assumed they were some kind of dyed seaweed but they were sweet and said to be sweetened fish strips; saviors for plain, white rice! 

Ending the lunch with some soup that wasn't my cup of tea. It did help to warm the body given the rainy, winter climate outside.


178-1號, Zhuqi Township, 
Chiayi County 60497, Taiwan
(Dining Room of Fenchihu Hotel)

As above. 

Mixed Pork + Chicken - 190 Taiwan Dollars
Pork Bento - 160 Taiwan Dollars
Chicken Bento - 170 Taiwan Dollars

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