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街仔尾阿嬤草仔粿 - The Ang Ku Kueh Lookalike at Fengqihu Railway Town in Taiwan

草仔粿 - which means grass kueh literally isn't a stranger to me as I recalled a similar snack I had in China a few years ago! It's like ang ku kueh but with a coarser texture that I didn't enjoy.

However, I chanced upon 街仔尾阿嬤草仔粿 on Google Map. Given the pretty good review, and its proximity to the famous donut stall in the railway town, I guess it's no harm just turning into the corner where the unassuming stall appeared at the end of the short street!

In Singapore, ang ku kuehs are known as after-meal desserts / sweet snacks. Here in Taiwan, the fillings of the 草仔粿 can be savory, with meat! Damn, I was only looking to have one, after having quite a few donuts but greedy me was keen in trying both sweet and savory versions....

Two, I shall one.
One red bean, and one original.

Red Bean 草仔粿 - the filling wasn't laden with sugar and while not as finely ground as some red bean fillings, this gave the confirmation that it was homemade.  

Original 草仔粿 - this had dried shrimps, lean meat, preserved radish (chai po) and mushrooms, and you know what was my initial impression after taking a bite? This tasted like shun kueh, and I prefer this particular savory, meaty variation!  

Unlike what I had in China, the texture of the 草仔粿 here was smoother. Even though it was thicker than the ang ku kueh from Ji Xiang Confectionery, it was stretchier, and also didn't stick to my teeth! 


7鄰80, Zhuqi Township,
Chiayi County, 604 Taiwan

As above. 

35 Taiwan Dollars (about S$1.50) Each

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