Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Tiny PhangNga Pineapple from Big C Extra in Jungceylon Shopping Centre @ Phuket Island [Thailand]

In my five days at Phuket, i kept seeing packs of really tiny unskinned pineapples for sale on the roadside stalls; being cursed with a sensitive stomach means i don't dare to try even though i was dying to have a taste of it! 

The chance came when i found a branch of the popular Big C supermarket at Phuket's biggest shopping centre; Jungceylon! Like a normal hypermarket, there's a fruit section and psychologically, i feel that hygiene would be better than those standalone stores. 

Each pack of mini pineapples (known as sweet phangnga) didn't come cheap and cost 83.25 baht (about S$3.50) for three! My assumption is that the effort to remove the skin of such small pineapples must have contributed to the high price tag. 

I am seldom adventurous when it comes to new stuff and i guess i am excited to know what it really tastes like! Holding it like a flower; i was contemplating if i should chew it off slowly or just pop the entire thing in my mouth. Given the price (and that it's one for each of us), i decided on the former.

Good things come in small packages and the statement couldn't have been truer when i took a bite of the tiny pineapple; there was a refreshingly light sweetness to the 'meat' (including the core) and it didn't come with any sourness and siapness to dampen the experience. The only issue; its diminutive size means my tummy was hardly satisfied with just one.


Where To Buy Them
From roadside fruit stalls / stores in Phuket. 
I got mine from  Big C Extra @ Jungceylon

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