Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Bangla Street at Night - Happening, Lively, Vibrant @ Phuket [Thailand]

Compared to the day, Bangla road is a lot wilder at night with an electrifying vibe that's definitely an eye opener for someone like me who isn't into the clubbing / drinking scene.

Having heard so much about Soi Bangla, i honestly didn't want to shock my dad; hence, i ventured out with Alex on my second night in Phuket to the popular walking street as it's only about 10-minute stroll from the hotel we stayed at. 

I walked along the street three nights in a row and the pictures shown in this posting was across two nights; Saturday was the most crowded whereas Monday was the most boring with not much of a crowd.

Pictures were taken using my iPhone 7 plus; not exactly a good choice as quality was relatively compromised but i think hauling a huge ass DSLR might attract too much attraction and maybe result in a violent expulsion from the street of vices! 

Remember the floor to ceiling metal poles i mentioned here? They were used exclusively by pole dancers when the sun sets and on a busy night (like Saturday), all the poles were 'taken'! 

The iconic Tiger Night Club was bathed in artificial lighting that appeared to reduce its ferociousness. The felines looked so much better in daytime.  

Moulin Rouge - the glass compartment had a person dancing around the pole in skimpy wear; sure to attract lingering stares from many men! Bewarn that the place didn't have a favourable review on TripAdvisor.

Russian beauties accosting the men to step into their 'arena'.

You may also bump into flamboyant characters with eye-popping attire; from my understanding, you can take a picture with them for a nominal fee! 

An erotic club - what goes behind the doors? I have no idea but my research on Phuket had taught me to steer clear of places behind closed doors as there's a high chance of being scammed and / or being charged exorbitant prices; p.s. high doesn't equate to definitely.

Crowd on Saturday; past 10 pm.

Bangla road again on Sunday which featured a much reduced crowd; the situation worsened on Monday, i personally feel although it could be because i went too early at about 8 plus pm. 

However, the lack of crowds made it easier to have a drink! The one thing i can't stand is the loud music where i can't even hear myself talk! 

An empty glass enclosure on the second level. I actually didn't notice the logo on the glass until i came back to Singapore and zoom in for a better look; it's a sign for no-camera. Shit! 

Those not into the scene would be glad to know of better alternatives; like McDonald's with its mascot making a Thai 'wai' and burgers that consist of pork burger patties (i.e. Samurai Burger).

You can enjoy a VR for 100 baht or have your portrait drawn. 

A shop selling bags; i am unsure if it can survive as i don't think a partying person would want to get a handbag. Maybe they would if they are drunk. Anyway, purpose of the picture was to show you the pull up bar game that cost 100 baht an attempt; hang on for two minutes for a bar and you get a bottle of whisky! 

Party away with these cute, plastic head-gears! 

Catch a performance by this group of break dancers! This used to be quite popular when i was a teenager but i think the authorities didn't quite like it when the dancers attracted people to crowd around; line dancing (for the older generation) was way more palatable. 

Next up shall be jungceylon shopping mall right across the main road bordering the end of Soi Bangla. Those who wish to do some shopping should pay it a visit as it has the Big C supermarket! 


Soi Bangla, Patong, 
Kathu, Phuket 83150, 

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