Saturday, April 21, 2018

A Spoonful of Sugar - Ice Cream, Waffles, Coffee & Bite-Sized Churros @ Changi Village [Singapore]

A friend gifted me this app known as "Entertainer" for Christmas last year and i am finally making use of it after a cycling trip at Pulau Ubin last weekend! 

I searched through the app for the list of merchants and found out about this "A Spoonful of Sugar" dessert cafe at Changi Village; just a few doors away from Crepes & Puffs.

Said to have a whimsical decor that brings you into a fairy tale like setting, i personally thought that the tables and chairs kind of heavily clashed with what the operators have in mind. 

Aside from the vibrant rainbow that runs across one side of the wall, fairy lights and the ice-cream cone hanging lights, the rest were less impressionable. Whatever the case, those who have been following my blog would know i don't care about decorations and am more particular with the taste of the food and the price.

Take your pick of ice cream with over flavours (for example, mint, oreo, sea salt malt, tropical sorbet, raspberry sorbet, honey lemon, cookies and cream, milo, thai milk tea, coffee, strawberry, vanilla, lavender, malted cheese, milky chocolate, salted caramel, hazelnut etc)! 

Cavin being Cavin, i couldn't resist having their bite-sized churros! Not so much the cakes as i loving baking and my cake quota is reserved mainly for my own bakes.

While waiting for my friends to deliberate on which ice cream flavours to choose, let's hook up to the free WiFi provided by the cafe; i am actually quite a data guzzler and the 9 GB of monthly data given by Starhub is insufficient for my needs! 

Don't you just love complimentary water?!

Two double scoops as i get a one-for-one using the "Entertainer" app - friends' choices: oreo, hazelnut, salted caramel and honey lemon. 

You gets bits of the cookies in oreo which thankfully wasn't too sweet and i actually quite like the hazelnut; neutral with the salted caramel which had nuts and honey lemon reminded me of cough lozenges; a bit sour even though it complemented with the sweetness of honey. 

Be prepared to wait for the freshly fried churros which came with your choices of dips like chocolate, caramel and darn i forgot what the last dip is! Anyway, i was undecided between waffles or churros and cast my lot for the latter as waffles were more commonly found in cafes. 

Maybe because it was quite a while since my last churros, these bite-sized churros were delicious! Crispy on the outside and coated with cinnamon and sugar, it was pure bliss biting into each of them! My only complaint; do they come in none-bite-sized? Like the long churro from Universal Studios Singapore.


Block 4, Changi Village Road,
#01-2072, Singapore 500004

Operating Hours
Sundays to Thursdays - Noon to 9.30 pm
Fridays to Saturdays - Noon to 10.30 pm

Facebook Page

Menu (Not Full)
As above. 

Double Scoop Ice Cream - S$6.50
Bite-Sized Churros - S$5.90
(No GST and No Service Charge)
(Cash Payment Only)

Additional Information
I got 1 for 1 using the "Entertainer" app

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