Sunday, April 08, 2018

Geologic Electronic Dartboard (ED 310) from Decathlon - Affordable and Nice to Have at Home!

Following the visit to the Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum at Singapore's Chinese Garden, i brought my dad to shop at Decathlon Joo Koon where he was most pleased with the purchase of a pair of walking shoes! 

Anyway, i was exploring towards the end of the retail section and was about to make a u-turn back to the entrance when something attracted my attention. 

Dartboards for sale! And they ranged from the kiddish ones that used balls surrounded by Velcro and the more legit ones; I was of course pulled by the pricing of S$14.90 as it's definitely well within my budget. 

I saw the same one at my uncle's place in the lunar new year celebration two months back and Jovyn appeared to show some talent for darting! Hence, i thought it would be good to buy one for the kids so that they can have more things to play with when they drop by my house. 

As i was about to grab the bestseller (the S$14.90 one) from the rack, the corner of my eye caught of the dartboard that's one display. With a simple electronic display, there were holders for the darts and it even has the ability to factor in multi-players and dart games like 301, cricket etc! 

Even though it was priced at close to S$45, i took it instead of the bestseller as i personally feel that it's a steal; i recalled Alex wanting to pay about S$200 for a similar one a few years back. 

Remember, you need nails to hook the dartboard on your wall and i sought the good advice from a staff at HomeFix Northpoint for the proper nails. After which would be the inevitable damage on my beloved wall due to my inexperience and the constant hammering which got my next door neighbour knocking on my door! 

Six soft-tipped darts were included in the box! Oh, before i forgot, you do need to buy 3 AA-sized batteries to power the dartboard for the display and the sound for the games. 

Done and super pleased with the Geologic dartboard! 

At the moment, i put it up at the empty wall next to the kitchen door; a temporary location as the space is reserved for a full height cabinet that shall house my growing collection of absolut vodka

Time to play and i must say that in the almost one month since we got the dartboard, my house mate and i competed almost every day! They said practice makes perfect right?

Not for me as i am like mr random capable (Gary from Running Man); i could sometimes hit bull's eye three times in a row but most of the times, the darts flew all over the place! 

Did i mention that you can close the dart board? 


Where to Buy
You can buy from either the physical stores of Decathlon or visit their website to order the dartboard for delivery (minimum S$60) or self collect. Their most centralized store is at City Square Mall in Little India! 


Geologic Electronic Dartboard (ED 310) - S$44.90


  1. Nice review and how the dartboard lasted you? is this a good quality dartboard? how long the battery last since u started playing them? is the single and double bull webbing good and can catch the dart when hit? due to i have many problems with single and double bull and does not really catch the dart when its of poor quality webbing. thanks and again nice short review

    1. thanks for contacting on facebook! don't know why blogger is no longer sending me emails on pending comment. :(