Monday, April 23, 2018

Poké Lulu - A Hawaiian, Not Japanese, Dish @ Orchard Central [Singapore]

After trying the "entertainer" app for the first time at "a spoonful of sugar" and realized it wasn't that difficult, i decided to give it another try at Poké Lulu in Orchard Central shopping mall, which shared the space with (and appeared to be under the same management as) Nunsaram Korean Dessert Cafe!

Customize your poké bowl - contrary to common beliefs, this dish is a "traditional Hawaiian seafood dish made of cubed raw fish, seasoned and topped with a variety of ingredients"! Don't be like me and assume it has some kind of relation with pokémon.

Pass the order list to the cashier, pay up and wait for your order to be prepared. In the meantime, chill and grab a cup of fruit-infused water from the dispenser!

The selection of six pokes (protein for your meal which is marinated raw fish) consisting of original tuna, wasabi mayo tuna, spicy tuna, original salmon, wasabi mayo salmon and spicy salmon. What does poke mean? According to this article, it means "to slice or cut in Hawaiian"

Choose four complimentary add-ons (mix of fruits, nuts and vegetables) and one free superfoods (avocado, chia seeds, quail eggs and salmon roes).

Need more flavour for your healthy meal? You can take additional sides like kimchi, spring onions etc after the bowl was passed to you!

Extra dressings and even wasabi paste to further whet your appetite! I was interested to check out the 'original' flavour and hence, refrained from adding the sides or dressings.

Musubi - said to be good from some blogs, my friend and i bought the last piece on the tray even though i am doing my best to cut down my carbohydrates intake!

And unless i am famished, you wouldn't see me woofing down a rice ball. In my opinion, they usually don't taste great with a sole objective to fill the tummy; not to make your taste buds happy.

I was expecting something good from this rice sandwich with spam (luncheon meat) and it's disappointment that said hello when i chewed through its content; bland! How could spam be tasteless?! Maybe i should add a dose of dressing to hype up the taste...

Small Poké Bowl - i would have gladly gone for the medium with double the raw fish at 150 grams but we were aiming for Don Don Donki's baked sweet potatoes as desserts right after this meal!

With a salad base and original salmon as the poke, my small bowl comprised of corn, walnuts, sunflower seeds and golden raisins as the add-ons and salmon roe for the superfood selection.

In comparison, my friend's selection appeared a lot healthier with cherry tomatoes, seaweed and shredded carrots! Oh well, to each his own.

Absolutely loving what i had; the original salmon thankfully didn't have that fishy taste and i so adored the freshness from the salad, the crunch from the walnuts and sunflower seeds, the sweetness from the corn and raisins and the saltiness from the popping ikura!  

Saving the best till the end! 

Please remember to clear the table and return the tray! I almost missed out the supposedly glaring spelling error from the notice; returning and not returing.

Another reminder - do not throw your cup of water in the bin. The heavily-infused water (given the amount of fruits in the dispenser) was thirst quenching and i think it's such a waste to dump it. Just gulp it down your throat for goodness sake! 


181 Orchard Road, #05-51/52,
Orchard Central, Singapore 238896

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Order List
As above.

Spam Musubi - S$3.90
Small Poké Bowl - S$11.90
(Inclusive of GST, No Service Charge)

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