Saturday, April 07, 2018

Almost Burned Down My Kitchen! #cavinkitchen

Yes, i almost burned down my kitchen this morning and as i was in a haste, no picture was taken until things have somewhat settled down; appended above was a photo of my stove with a fire blanket and a wet table cloth over a sauce pot.

The pot continued to spew out smoke which was unbearable to breathe in and i half suspected neighbours opposite my block were about to call 995 if it were to thicken!

melted butter was still boiling after 15 minutes
Background - i needed melted butter for a bake and totally forgot about the fire on the stove when i returned back to my blogging. Thankfully, i didn't switch on the music and heard the loud pop that got me dashing out of the bedroom to investigate!

Due to the butter, the pot had also started burning up (yes, flames were surrounding the corelle bowl) and that's when the training i took as a member of my workplace fire safety committee kicked in; i threw the fire blanket over the sauce pot.

Condition of the sauce pot afterwards. Just a note - throwing water on a burning pot can be disastrous; hence, eliminate the fire by removing the oxygen via a fire blanket and wait for everything to cool down.

Amazingly, i managed to do a decent job scrubbing the pot and it actually looked no difference from before the fire! I actually used it to boil eggs after its cleanup and thank god; no leak!

And i still need my melted butter. p.s. turned out the recipe was asking for room temperature butter which means i have utterly wasted my time!


Fire blanket is for one-time use which means i have to purchase another one! Do invest in one for yourself or for your family. It was a blessing for me obviously and to think that i used to say kitchen fire will never happen to me since i don't do heavy cooking! 

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