Saturday, April 07, 2018

Bibi River behind Log House Wagyu Bibi Restaurant - A Snake Encounter! @ Hokkaido [Japan]

After a scrumptious meal at Log House Wagyu Bibi Restaurant, i thought it would be nice for us to just chill out at this beautiful spot behind Hokkaido's best steak restaurant.

Guess it must be popular as a bench was purposely placed there. The stream in front is known as Bibi river and it runs across one of Hokkaido's three great plains; Yufutsu plains. If you have the time, you could even canoe down the river. Read here for more information. 

I am just happy to be in the peaceful environment despite the fact that our location is just a mere two kilometers from New Chitose International Airport! 

Bibi River is known to be shallow and we can clearly see the arm-length fishes lurking in the pretty clear water. By the way, Bibi means beautiful. .

A surprising splash of colour in the water.

Lucky golden carp? For all you know, it could be a rarity in the area! 

I noticed a wooden staircase descending into the river and was about to step closer when i heard some rustling to the side. Taking a glance to my left side, i froze.

What the hell?!?!?! A snake?!?!!? :( Given my deep set fear of snakes, my mind went blank although i could still manage a few pictures. To be frank, the poor guy / gal was as shocked to see me too. 

It made the first move by slithering away while i continue to freeze on the spot for a few more seconds. Honestly, i don't know what i would have done if it crawls towards me. 

By the time i got to my senses, i was already this far from the spot! Given my penchant to attract unfortunate incidents when i am overseas, i really thought this would result in a snake bite! 


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