Sunday, April 15, 2018

Alex's Birthday 2018 and the Pandan Kaya Layer Cake from #CavinKitchen!

As some of you are aware, today is my housemate's birthday and i took pain to bake a cake specially for him! p.s. to be totally honest, practice makes perfect and i am always in need of guinea pigs.

Anyway, here's the birthday boy with my pandan kaya layer cake! 

The signature cake from bengawan solo is actually the asshole's favourite cake of all time and with the long hours invested to making this cake (e.g. i blended and squeezed the juice from pandan leaves), i think it's much easier to buy it from the confectionery next time.

Oh well, at least he was desperate to have the cake! 

Finally he got to business and sliced the cake; this is usually the moment i am waiting for since i could finally have a taste of my bakes right after the customary slice by the birthday boy. 

Lessons - i could definitely do with a larger piece of sponge cake and next time, i guess i should pour a layer of the pandan kaya kueh mix before placing the sponge cake. There's another problem; the kueh mix had a bitter aftertaste and i was thinking if there's anything wrong with the pandan leaves. 

For those who are looking for a recipe; click the kitchen tigress recipe here. I improvised a bit by adding shredded coconut and drizzling the cake with the irresistible gula melaka! 

Happy Birthday, Alex! 

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