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The Famous / Infamous Soi Bangla - Before The Sun Sets @ Phuket [Thailand]

Think of Phuket Island and Patong Beach is likely going to pop up in the minds of many seasoned travellers! However, it's not just the beach that people remember; the walking street pretty close by has gained quite a reputation too! 

Technically, Bangla Road will only be converted to a walking street after 6pm and before then, please exercise caution against the vehicles that continue to take priority.

In the daytime, when i checked out the place on the very first day of my Phuket trip, it didn't appear any different from a typical busy street in Bangkok; except for maybe that large TV screen placed across the street.

Even though the night had yet to start, some were already gearing for the party! Those with kids appeared to be more in a hurry to go back to the comfort of their hotels before the vices took over. 

A lot of pubs and clubs flanked both side of the street and that's merely a visual attraction for someone like who don't quite enjoy drinking. I don't think i should also since my very decent dad was with me too!  

There were shops other than bars and pubs and clubs. 

I should have purchased a cigar to get a feel of how it tastes like! As i was busy with photo taking, i actually didn't realise she was offering cigarettes and cigars in one basket! 

Fruits for sale - i don't dare to buy them as food handling is always contentious when it comes to street food and my tummy is known to be overly sensitive.

Moulin Rouge - its design was an immediate drawer and the name reminded me of a same-named movie with an extremely catchy song; "Lady Marmalade". By the way, reviews were not fantastic and it's ranked #64 out of 70 Nightlife in Patong on TripAdvisor.

In many nightlife establishments, i noticed bars that ran from floor to ceiling and thought they were for decorative purposes until i saw what they were used for, at night. 

You may find the answer in my posting for Bangla street at night

Street hawkers in case the hunger bug pesters you. Interestingly, you can get packs of fresh looking vegetables in such a touristy place. 

Tattoo parlour - i was tempted to have a body tattoo during my rebellious teenage years but now that i am much older, i don't really care much for it especially if it's more difficult to enter the onsen when i am in Japan

Knowing that there were likely families with kids who would visit Bangla Street out of curiousity; it does make sense to have commercial activities appropriate and suitable for them. Guess some high individuals would likely pay it a visit too since it's open till the ungodly 3am! 

The huge screen showing advertisements, messages, announcements and i think a speech by the current prime minister in Thailand. No indication of any height restriction for vehicles. 

CCTVs mounted below the huge ass television! 

Tiger Night Club - you can never miss it and it would probably stopp you in our tracks. The tiger statues were larger than real ones and i am glad they were not animatronics.

They looked more fearsome in the daytime. 

Although i am not into partying, i do enjoy the occasional beer to lighten the mood and the promotional price during happy hours was only 80 baht a bottle! 

Day was still young but the street peddlers were already in position to sell you the eye-popping ping pong show! I have read online that a lot of them were scams with astronomically priced drinks; hence, i didn't even bother. 

Coming to the end of Bangla Road with Tai Pan night club just across the main road.

A picture of dad and Alex to show that we were there! p.s. not so much an eye opener for us as there's a stark difference in atmosphere between day and night. Check out my posting for Bangla Street at night


Soi Bangla, Patong, Kathu, 
Phuket 83150, Thailand

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