Monday, August 14, 2017

Temples in Bali - Sometimes, You Can't Differentiate Between the Private and Public Ones @ Indonesia

It's been a while since i last blogged and to tell you the truth, i am still recovering from my visit to Hokkaido as it was, simply put, too relaxing! Was supposed to do up a lengthy post today but my mom dropped by my humble abode for a visit and i was excitedly showing her the thousands of photos i took!

Anyway, it's time to kick-start the engine for this blog again. While it's not a long post (as i badly need the sleep), the number is sufficient to create a small topic on temples in Bali. Yes, i am mindful that i am severely behind time in completing the Bali postings.

Mentioned right here was the posting on the flower offerings known as canang sari often seen in Bali's open space; like many others, i find Balinese to be deeply involved in their religion although i don't share the sentiments felt by some friends who thought the place was too spiritual for their liking.

Right at the corner of a major cross junction at Sukawati Art Market was a temple; known as pura, I understand from the driver that generally, there are two major types of temples. The public and private ones and the one above obviously served the public; albeit specifically for the Hindus.

This was a small temple compared to iconic ones like Tanah Lot and Uluwatu even though private ones could also be much bigger than this marketplace temple.

For example, i honestly thought this would be a public temple until the locked gate suggested otherwise. I would have assumed that many foreigners had unknowingly barged in thinking it was a public compound with its intricate Balinese design.

I might have attempted to enter except that there was a father / mother chicken (couldn't determine and couldn't decide which one) with its little chicks. Obviously a private house and it's always better to stay out of trouble and be inconspicuous when one is a in a foreign country.

There were even private temples on some roofs; those i think it's a straight giveaway that access wouldn't be granted beyond family and friends. Having said that, i wouldn't be surprised if some ignorant foreigners decide to try their luck.


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