Monday, August 28, 2017

The Eyes in the Sky above New Chitose @ Hokkaido [Japan]

Now's the time once for me to reduce the number of photos taken for Hokkaido and populate them into nugget-sized postings in this blog so that they don't go to waste! 

To be honest, i wasn't expecting much when the plane made its descent as there was a bloody thick layer of cloud with a possibly high chance of rain; which would have derailed any effort on my side to take photos of the land up in the air.

Thankfully, there wasn't a single drop of rain and lo and behold; right beneath me would be the land of the rising land and the fulfillment of a childhood dream to visit Japan. 

Unlike typical Southeast Asian landscape, it was a scene of tidiness with ample space and plenty of greenery. This differs from what i read in the history textbooks; i thought Japan would be super crowded. 

More photos; not many tall buildings (and rightfully so since they are near the airport) and it was pretty boring after a while as nothing much quite stands out to wow me from my airplane seat. 

Maybe this did make me turn my head a bit although it was just many lines of solar panels; eco-friendly no doubt yet again, unsurprising with a conventional layout. 

Taking off from the opposite runway at New Chitose Airport 8 days later was an entirely different view; much more greenery that made me wondered then if i was at a nature reserve! 

An oddity in the midst of the greenery - a pretty full carpark and it's one of quite a number surrounding New Chitose Airport. My assumption is that parking there would be much cheaper compared to the airport.

Golf courses! Guess a few things never change when it comes to airports all over the world; the potential noise pollution from the jets would drastically reduce the land value and a country club for the rich would make total economic sense. 


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