Friday, August 25, 2017

The Pavilion with a Moat beside Pura Tirta Empul (The Holy Spring Temple) @ Bali [Indonesia]

Almost all the visitors to the Holy Spring temple (otherwise known as Pura Tirta Empul) would make a beeline for the entrance but i did notice a nearby pavilion ignored by many! 

It was a beautiful elevated Balinese structure surrounded by a water moat and appeared to have stood time for a few decades, without the accumulated dust.

Floor was tiled and i almost thought of removing my shoes as the surface was devoid of any dust, twigs and litter! Didn't at the end as i also noticed the foot prints all over the place. 

Moat surrounding the pavilion - despite the seemingly calm water, there were a lot of fishes and their size said a lot on how well-fed they were.

Their size didn't go unnoticed and local kids were trying their luck in fishing a few out of the water! This reminded me of my childhood in the village when we would go fishing in muddy water and catch spiders in forested area. Whether the fish is edible or not wasn't important; it's the joy of catching it. 

Parents with hyperactive and spoilt kids should take note that the pavilion isn't child-friendly; aside from the smooth tiles that made the floor slippery, the iron barrier had rods that stuck out.

In addition, some rods were missing and i can imagine kids tripping over the lower barrier and falling into the water! Your kids are your responsibility; so do an eye on them every single moment. 

Given the rare opportunity of no potential photo-bombs, i suggested to Alex to pose for me. Pity Jovyn wasn't with me as she would have done it way more exaggerated ways. 


Beside Pura Tirta Empul,
Bali Island, Indonesia

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