Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Street Flowers in Hokkaido in Summer

I purposely brought along my laptop for my first trip to Japan, thinking I would be able to blog on the go. But there are just so much to see, to do, to eat that I am at the exhaustive end of the activity bar every evening! 

Nevertheless, I remain committed to my original plan and shall blog this morning when my room mate is still sleeping. My first post would be a short one and that will be the street flowers in Hokkaido.

While there are many types along the streets and they vary according to the area we are in, I did notice a wider spread for the white ones. 

I tried to search for the name of the flowers but hit a snag with no answer. 

To be fair - on one hand, I don't know how to read and type Japanese and hence, might face a language barrier. On the other hand, even I do not know the name of the common flowers in Singapore! 

Aside from the white, blooming flowers that clustered into a cauliflower shape from far, I was most intrigued by the ball-shaped "bulb".

To me, it feels like the infancy stage before the bloom; where the flowers are protected from the weather elements before they are ready for the world. 

Only issue is that they open up slowly and take the form of a bowl and for the smoker friends we were with, it's the perfect vessel for their cigarette ashes. =_=


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