Saturday, August 19, 2017

Spring Water at Tegenungan Waterfall on Bali Island [Indonesia]

I noticed a directional arrow pointing to spring water when i was at Tegenungan Waterfall at Bali and got curious; as i did with the many stacked up stones that's also in the same area. 

A walled enclosure was where the spring water was. From outside, i can hear splashing of water; not the kind that's like water streaming down from the mountain. More like people were playing with the water.

The above was taken on my way back - when i saw the words "spring water", i was imagining a place where i can drink mineral rich water that had been filtered by nature. I was wrong as it's more like a bathing area with similarity to Sari Ater Hot Spring Park in Bandung

How could i confirm for sure that it's a bath area?  Answer: the board outside the enclosure advising ladies not to shower if they are having menstruation. 


Bali, Indonesia.

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