Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Stacked Up Stones at Tegenungan Waterfall on Bali Island [Indonesia]

Slowly making my way down to the famed waterfall at Bali's Ubud region, my mind was occupied. I was thinking of the long flight of stairs that i just climbed down from; it would be an exhausting climb up steep steps later on. 

Just as my mind drifted away, the scene of flowing water appeared at the corner of my right eye; my head turned towards the stream and I squirmed with a puzzled expression. What are those things on the water?

I had to make a slight detour to take a closer look; they were just stacked up pebbles but you can't deny the fact the appeal they drew and the questions that would be raised.

Is there a religious or cultural reason that the pebbles were placed on top of each other? Or it's merely a scenario of monkey see, monkey do. Which would be somewhat similar to the situation in hawker centres; i see a queue and think food must be good, so i queue up too! 

Another explanation; maybe it's a test of your perseverance and focus to balance as many pieces of stone as you could without them toppling over. 

Whatever the case, it was a lovely sight and judging from the silence of those who were checking out the stones, i assume many were of the opinion that it wasn't a matter of just monkey see, monkey do. 

Honestly, i didn't know any better and proceeded to 'stake' my visit with a piece of stone. For a person without much patience, i opted for a small, flat one.

That's mine as indicated by the red arrow.

Unlike those who chose a more difficult path, i wasn't willing to wet my shoes and risk dropping my camera into the water just to place the pebble on the stack of stones on a hard-to-reach boulder. 

Oh well, to each his or her own. 

Furthermore, there were disgusting discharge at the river banks and there's no way i would put my naked feet into the water! I wasn't feeling very adventurous that day, i guess. 

A view of the Tegenungan Waterfall which i would share more in detail hopefully in my next few postings! There's an urgent need to complete more so that i can start on the posts for Hokkaido

At least this boulder was more achievable with a rocky pathway that would not wet my shoes. I didn't put a pebble though; objective was to take a picture with the waterfall as a backdrop. 

Looked fat; hence, i wouldn't be sharing the photo. haha. I did check with the driver the reasons for those stacked stones; according to him, people do it for fun. Oh.



Before reaching the Tegenungan Waterfall at 
Jl. Raya Tegenungan, Kemenuh, Ubud 80581, Indonesia.

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