Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Jovyn - An Update

Photographs taken should never go wasted and I decided to pepper the constant postings on my travel with pictures of rubber-faced Jovyn, which was taken on a visit to a Penang restaurant at Aljunied. 

Frankly, she had a knack for posing in front of a camera although she was, in reality, pretty shy if she doesn't know you. Lucky, she has jovial me as her uncle and her shyness disappears whenever she sees me. 

Boldness will set in and she would start making various expressions to laugh at them afterwards when she reviewed the photos. 

In a way, she behaves just like her uncle, me! People who know me in person would be aware I am rather crazy in person and basically a happy nut! 

There's only one thing I don't do very well and it's partly due to age; the way they are able to stretch their mouths! I will actually get pretty sore if I perform the above stunt and my mouth is already wide enough.

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