Sunday, July 20, 2014

Waffle Slayer @ 37 Kampong Bahru Road [Opposite Singapore General Hospital]

Proper planning for the Gang of Four's regular meetups was seldom enforced and because of this, we often drive all over Singapore and stop only when something catches our attention. 

Bad? Not to me as this lack of planning has served us well in many cases! 

A similar situation happened two weeks ago when we were on the highway with the Great Kon checking the web for a place nearby where we could have some decent waffles. Noting the address, i drove past the supposed location but could not find this cafe known as Waffle Slayer! 

There wasn't any noticeable signboard and Kon had to walk along the passageway before signalling to us that he finally found it! The only indication was that of a menu pasted right at the entrance! 

To cut the story short, the place wasn't crowded (no surprise given how hard it was to find it) and despite the limited seating, we managed to secure a space immediately after entering the cafe.

Said to be a magical ratio of coffee to milk, i found this drink to be a tad too strong and sour for my liking. As i have always maintained, my preference is with local coffee! 

Banana Brulee Buttermilk Waffle
With nine waffles on the menu (including three savoury options), it could be hard to make a decision as everything sounded so delicious! We eventually decided on two to be shared among the four of us; one of which was the above banana brulee buttermilk waffle.

I am particular when it comes to the crispiness of the texture and this failed to meet my expectation. Having said that, the buttermilk flavour was acceptable and it's ingenious to have burnt caramel as a topping! 

Red Velvet Buttermilk Waffle
Texture was similar although as far as taste was concerned, i preferred this over banana brulee for the bitter aftertaste of red velvet that struck a nice, enjoyable balance with the sweet vanilla ice cream! 


37, Kampong Bahru Road
[Next to Strangers' Reunion]

As above. 

Nearest MRT Station
Outram Park

As above

Magic - S$5.50
Banana Brulee Buttermilk Waffle - S$14.90
Red Velvet Buttermilk Waffle - S$14.90

Additional Information
All day breakfasts (correction - only till 5pm) were available. As some of you might be aware, Waffle Slayer was the waffle-subsidiary for Strangers' Reunion. 

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