Saturday, July 05, 2014

Giant Panda House (大貓熊館) @ Taipei Zoo [Taiwan]

In Alex's innocent mind, to be able to catch the baby giant panda in action for real was one damn good reason to pay the Taipei Zoo a visit. I would talk about the zoo in more detail tomorrow but as of today, we shall focus on the Giant Panda House, one key attraction for the zoo. 

Maybe it was a Tuesday; we didn't have to endure the long queue that was supposedly the intention for the clearly marked tracks and display of waiting time. All visitors would be given a ticket with an indicated timing for entry to the House; you are required to adhere to the timing! 

In our case, it didn't really matter as no one stopped to check us; we reached around an hour late! I would have made a great fuss if they did since i wasn't even aware there was a scheduled timing for viewing! 

Rules and regulations to keep in mind; no food and drink (which is quite funny as the area wasn't carpeted. Maybe the zookeepers are worried the guests would try to tempt the pandas) and no flash photography.

Spotted the panda; Tuan Tuan! As you can probably see from the picture, the enclosure's sanitised concept was very different from Singapore, which emphasised a lot more on having a more natural setting. 

Apology for the badly taken pictures although these were the best i could manage without holding back the rest of the people behind me! See, i so considerate hor! For more pictures of these cute black / white bears, do check out my Beijing post here

The 10-month old Yuan Zai - he was really very adorable! I caught a few glimpses of him but he always turned his face the other way whenever i pressed the button on my camera! 

There were ample panda merchandise for sale and i believe there was also a restaurant / cafe on the second level. We didn't check it out as it was too late and we had to rush to Shenkeng!!! 


Within Taipei Zoo!

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