Thursday, July 31, 2014

Savoury Squid Ink Waffle + Sweet Buttermilk Waffle @ Waffle Slayer

Savoury waffle?

Just looking at the mere words were sufficient for me to turn the menu to the next page. In my honest opinion, a waffle should belong rightfully to the 'sweet' category and any attempt to classify it otherwise would be sacrilegious! 

Hence, i wasn't that delighted when friends suggested ordering a savoury waffle from Waffle Slayer. On one hand, i was really curious to know how it would turn out to be; on the other hand, i am rather stubborn when it comes to adhering to my food principle. 

Passionfruit White Chocolate 
Let's talk about the buttermilk waffle first! I stand by my first review of Waffle Slayer where non-waffle ingredients highlighted as the saviour to the dull, could-be-improved waffles.

The passionfruit sauce was a tad too sour for our liking and i honestly could find any trace of white chocolate (blame it on my inexperienced taste buds)! The strategy to manage the sourness was to eat it with the sweet-based vanilla ice cream. 

Squid Ink Waffle w Dijon Maple Bacon
The taste of the squid ink waffle was quite acceptable with a slight acrid aftertaste but the star for this savoury waffle has to be the bacon! Yes, i never did know bacon can taste so absolutely delicious! Those who love gourmet bak kwa would find the taste similar although the texture for this dijon maple bacon was much softer and juicier! 

On second thought, this would be great to go with plain congee! I was so excited about this new discovery; i was already contemplating in my mind then if it would be easy to make my own dijon maple bacon! Knowing my dismal cooking skill, Kon said he would check out the recipe and attempt to make it. 

Thanks in advance, Kon! 


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Passionfruit White Chocolate Buttermilk Waffle - S$14.90
Squid Ink Waffle w Dijon Maple Bacon - S$18.90

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